Well.. Helllooooooo there!

So Hello to my blogger pals. Its been a while since i’ve been on… let alone posted anything. NO FEAR! Im returning with a VENGEANCE. Im pretty much going to be “Re-Branding” myself. Im making a new blog and changing up everything about it. The main reasoning for the changes are that when I made my tumblr, blog, and youtube years ago, I can honestly say I did it soley because everyone else was making one. I was only trying to post things about fashion and such because everyone else did.
Here I am at 23, and I’m finally figuring out what it is that I like and things that I enjoy to talk about. It may have taken me a longer time to find myself than most people, or I could be moving faster than some. Either way Im here and theres no turning back now.
As some of you may know I go to school for Business Management with concentration on Human Resources. I have now made the decision that I’m going to merge that degree with a little PR and in time working Fashion PR/Styling. So with that said… YES I will be posting fashion related pictures etc just like other people, but at least this time I will actually have some connection to my posts instead of just uploading pretty crap. Along with fashion post, I will be posting any and everything that I’m interested in. That leaves ALOT of open doors lol. The main things would definitely be Fashion, Music, Food and maybe even little gadgets… I heart Electronics too!
Hopefully you all will be ready to take this ride with me once again. This time its a new and more exciting direction… I Promise! 😉wink
P.S. I posted this picture of me because Its has no filter, and I’m all natural. (I actually just woke up). I wanted to show you that i’ve stripped myself down to my foundation, and this picture is me in progress. From now on its about being Personal, Raw, and Real.

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