Happy Monday! (Its MY Friday)/ Fall must-haves Pt. 1

Well, here we are… Monday, September 24, 2012. I’m at work with about 1 more hour to go. I originally was trying publish this post a few days ago for the 1st day of fall. Since I work so much I haven’t been able to finish it. But since today is my last day of the work week, I figure I start of my weekend with a new post .
I have been waiting for what seems years for Fall to get here. (Officially) Being from California and now living in North Carolina, I’m able to enjoy and appreciate this weather more than some. Fall has ALWAYS been my favorite season. Nothing is better than watching the leaves on the trees change colors over time, or even the nice cool weather. My main reason for loving fall would have to be the CLOTHING! OMG it gets no better than throwing on some boots, or layering your shirts and sweaters.
This post will consist of things that I think will be of interest for myself as well as people who have a similar fashion outlook. If you don’t care for some of my suggestions, that’s ok! Obviously not everyone dresses similar, which is an awesome thing to me. Originality is KEY! I hope you enjoy it!
This first item I feel is a MUST to have during the Fall that even I myself need to buy.
1. Trench Coat/Pea coat
I’ve always want a classic Trench Coat, and since I can remember Victoria’s Secret ALWAYS has the best coats for fall. Of course there are plenty other places to go, especially online. but here’s an example of what classic Trench look I was talking about.
(Wool Trench Coat from Victoria’s Secret. Price: on sale for $134)
If you’re not interested in the long coats then I would definitely suggest buying a Pea coat. In my case, I’ve always wanted a yellow coat, so this would be perfect for me.
(Avalanche Women’s Solid Boston Pea coats from Cabelas.com Price: on sale for $29.99)
Nothing says fall is here like a good pair of boots. I am personally looking for some over-the-knee boots this fall, but am expecting to pick up some booties as well. No matter if you’re more “Biker Chic” and like the studs and buckles, or keeping it country with Cowboy boots, there’s definitely a boot for you.
(All boots are from LuLus.com. Prices from top to bottom: $49.00, $179.00, $87.00)
3. Scarves/Beanies/Ear warmers
You cant go through fall without AT LEAST one of each of these.
(Woven Floral Scarf from: Forever 21. Price: $10.80)
(Solid Purl Knit Scarf from: Forever 21. Price: $14.80)
(Plain Rib Beanie from: Top Shop Price: $20.00)
(Space Dye Headband from Top Shop. Price: $16.00)
3. Over the shoulder bags/Backpacks
So Fall is around the time school just started which means cool backpacks are out and about. Also, I think an over the shoulder bag is perfect for this season.
(Fold-Over Hobo from Forever 21. Price: $29.80)
(Right Pack At You Black Floral Print Backpack from LuLus.com. Price: $43.00)
I think I’ve pretty much covered the ESSENTIALS needed for Fall. I will be posting a Fall must-haves Pt. 2 soon, which will include alot more variety of accessories, shoes, and clothing. I’ll probably even throw in some make-up or jewelry suggestions. I hope you all enjoyed the items I’ve posted, and maybe I even lit a bulb in your mind to go get something.
What are YOUR fall must-haves? I’m interested in knowing?
*And by the way, if you have anything you would like me to add or any suggestions as to what kind of post you’d like to see, I’m always all ears!*

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