Australian Activists Campaigning To Have Tyler, the Creator’s Visa Revoked


If you know me, you know Tyler, the Creator rocks my socks. If you know Tyler, you know he could give a rats *you know what* about anybody or anything.

 Talitha Stone, a member of the online feminist group Collective Shout, recently felt the wrath of the Odd Future lead man on twitter, after her groups protest help shut down his appearance at an Australian clothing store ‘Culture Kings.

 Apparently Stone and her group disagree with his “graphic descriptions of rape and violence against women”. Tyler, still performed at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre this past Thursday night in Sydney, and was recorded spewing a few words about Ms. Stone. Who then proceeded to record and upload the video on Youtube, as well as turned it into local authorities, claiming “I was petrified. I was standing among the crowd of people who were chanting along with threats towards me,” Stone reported to the Guardian Australia. Click the next page to see the Tweets as well as the video.





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