Gucci Mane Asks Chief Keef and Other Young Guys Not To Follow In His Footsteps


We all know that both Gucci Mane and Chief Keef have had their share of legal troubles. Sadly the fact that ‘Sosa” is only a fraction of Gucci’s age, but seems to be right behind him. Maybe that’s why Gucci opened up in a new interview with Power 107.5 in Columbus advising Chief Keef and other young guys not to follow in his footsteps.

Since 2011, Chief Keef has been in a slew of trouble. Included in that trouble are heroin and weapons charges, alongside speeding and other things. Not to mention being investigated for the possible death of fellow rapper and Englewood resident, Joseph ‘Lil JoJo’ Coleman.
With Gucci having seen his fair share of jail cells and court houses, you can only imagine he would have some type of advice for his fellow Brick Squad member.
“I take responsibility for some of that bad stigma that comes from me. A lot of the things I have done, I regret. And a lot of it [I deserved]. A lot of it, it be false claims,” Gucci said. “Media take it and make they own assumptions…A lot of things don’t have a lot of truth in them…My advice would be to him [Keef], and any other young guy, is to learn from…try not to do the same thing that I did.”
We’ll see if Chief Keef retains any of this advice.

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