Kevin Durant No Longer Want’s ‘Traditional’ Agent, Sign’s With Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports


With Jay-Z’s, Roc Nation Sports, still in full bloom, of course this mogul is actively seeking to represent the best in the league. Hence why Durant wanted to jump aboard.

 Kevin Durant recently parted ways with agent Rob Pelinka, after only 15 months of representation, claiming he was interested in Jay-Z’s agency for marketing reasons. During his time with Pelinka, he became one of the league’s most marketed player’s with national television spots including the likes of Nike, Degree and Sprint.

 Luckily Durant’s former agent only has positive words about his former client:

“We are honored and blessed to have worked on behalf of Kevin, for a brief period of time,” Pelinka said in a statement. “He is an amazing person and athlete, and we are proud of our work and service toward advancing his brand in a manner that reflects the mutual qualities we share with Kevin.”

 Let’s hope Jay-Z will only do him more justice.


One comment

  1. Rhonda Mae · June 10, 2013

    Whaattt.. I didn't know that lol dang looking forward to seeing how that's gonna work out!!

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