Chief Keef Gets 60 Hours Of Community Service, Feeding And Cleaning Up After Horses

Chief Keef is no stranger to experiencing multiple legal troubles in a short period of time, November seems to be no different for him. He’s already been a busy one this year with  multiple speeding tickets, probation violations, and of course jail time.
Did I mention he was only 18?
Recently Chief Keef was sentenced to 60 hours of community service at an Equestrian Center in the Chicago area, following his arrest for speeding earlier in the year. The center is meant to provide “physical and occupational therapy for people with disabilities” . It is said he will feed and groom the animals, as well as clean up behind them.
Currently Keef is serving a 90 day sentence at the Cook County Jail. According to TMZ, law enforcement sources revealed that Chief Keef has failed 3 random drug test, all testing positive for marijuana, and is currently waiting to be transferred to a drug rehab facility.
It is unclear at the time when he will begin his service at the equestrian center.

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