Wale, Meek Mill, and A$AP Ferg Weigh In On The Importance Of Mixtapes

During a recent interview with HipHopDX at one of Axe’s “One Night Only, 4 Cities/4 Artist” series stops in Philadelphia, including J. Cole, Wale, Meek Mill and A$AP Ferg, the importance of mixtapes got thrown on the table.
While mixtapes can be a foreign thing to some people, they are still a large part of the the music industry. It’s definitely not only rappers making them anymore either. Of course with a full length album, artist are able to reach a wider range of people, as well as other benefits. A couple of the artist gave their opinion on how mixtapes work for them.
Wale explains:
“Album mode is different… I don’t start the album process trying to provide the feel of a mixtape. As a whole, I put a lot of time into lyrics and production. In the sequencing of my last album The Gifted, you can hear the intricacies between the songs.”
While on the other hand A$AP Ferg explains the switch-up for his debut album ‘Trap Lord’, which he says started off as a mixtape.
“That was a mixtape, because we all did the songs and tracks in different places, different areas, and it was kind of like, I put my two cents in, Rocky put his two cents in… Everybody came from different angles on it.”
Meek Mill weighed in as well saying:
“[Mixtapes] always help me, because I’m putting out hot music anyways,” Meek continues to say “But giving something back to the fans sometimes…they pay for everything anyways, so why not give ‘em a free album?”

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