The New Boyz Go Their Separate Ways

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Earlier this this year it was officially announced that  Earl “Ben J” Benjamin and Dominic “Legacy” Thomas  from the ‘The New Boyz’ have gone their separate ways.

In an interview during the ‘Vlado Footwear’s Showdown LA IV / Keep On Dancing competition’ in Hollywood, CA late March of this year, Ben J discussed the ‘Jerking Movement’, as well as the break up of the group. He explains there were no hard feelings, and that they ‘broke off like two grown men’.

 Recently he made a more official statement  saying:

“We’ve shared our talents with the world as a duo and had a very successful career in doing so, our songs stayed on the charts and our videos always received millions and millions of organic views on YouTube and Vevo. But after selling out shows and touring all over the world, we’ve decided that we’d like to share our talents with our fans individually. Together or apart; we’ve made our mark in American music history and our imprint will never be forgotten. I wish my brother(Legacy) the best in all the he does, and can’t wait till we’re both at the Grammy’s getting nominated for  our solo efforts; and so begins a New chapter, in a New book; with this New Boy” 


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