Meek Mill Sues and Loses

Apparently Meek Mill filed a lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia, PA for being arrested on Halloween in 2012. It was reported that after being pulled over and refusing to have his car searched by police who claimed to have smelled marijuana, the rapper was placed under arrest.
While the cops searched the vehicle and found nothing, Meek Mill inadvertently missed his private flight to Atlanta as well as a party appearance.
As if the $22,000 cancelled flight & $39,000 missed appearance wasn’t a big enough loss, apparently during the same time  Meek gained an initial $2 million sponsorship with Puma that he argued was cut down to $650,000 due the negative publicity of the arrest.
The rapper sued for false imprisonment and invasion of privacy.

After recently going to court for his civil rights case against the city of Philadelphia, Meek Mill lost against the Philly police he says illegally detained him.
Stating simply:
“They ain’t from where I’m from. I [don’t] really expect them to understand what I go through. I respect their decision, though.”
Also taking to twitter to show is disappointment with the decision:

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