Nas Confirms New Album
Recently celebrating the 20th anniversary re-release of his debut album “Illmatic”, Nas has officially confirmed a follow -up to his last album “Life Is Good”.
It wasn’t until after watching the premier of  ‘Time Is Illmatic’, a documentary exploring the trail-blazing impact of his debut album, did Nas get inspired to finish the album he started working on almost 2 years ago. 
This would be his 12th and final solo album under the Def Jam contract.
Celebrating 20 years of musical success, Nas is finally ready to get back into the studio. According to Mr. Illmatic himself, Nas wasn’t interested in just finishing up and dropping the last album in his Def Jam contract, he wanted to be inspired.
He admitted that he in fact started working on the upcoming album with super producer Timbaland, around the time he released “Life Is Good” in 2012.
After hitting the road to celebrate the re-release of his debut album and watching the premier of ‘Time Is Illmatic’ recently showed at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, Nas finally got the push he needed to get the ball rolling again.
In a recent interview Nas reveals:
“It wasn’t ’til then that I really started to feel it. ‘Cause I got a chance — and I gotta give credit to the documentary guys,” shared the 40-year-old. “Them showing me the footage and stuff really like — it really lets you know where you come from and everything, and where you at now. I salute them dudes, man — One9, Erik Parker, the whole crew over there that’s put that film together — because that’s helped me find the inspiration. I found it.”
Not only is it exciting that we can expect collabs with Timbaland, it’s said that Nas has teamed up with Swizz Beats and No I.D. to really pack the punch. No release date has been announced but we know it’s coming.
“Two years I think it’s been, since my last album. So this new one … I’m happy to get it together and get it out there.”
Maybe we’ll end up getting that much talked about full-length project with DJ Premier. Only time will tell!

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