The Cut Life 2 Year Anniversary Mixer


Rock short hair or know women that do?? If so, you have to tell me you’ve heard about The Cut Life!?

Well, if in fact you haven’t heard of them… I’M HERE TO PUT YOU ON!

“Founded by Tahira Joy Wright and Garmai K. Momolu, The Cut Life brings awareness to short hair by engaging supporters through our online platform.

The Cut Life is a beauty and lifestyle brand created to celebrate the uniqueness, boldness, and fearlessness of women with short hair.  We highlight these daring risk takers who express their individuality by rocking pixies, bobs, shaved sides, bald, relaxed, colored, and natural hairstyles.”

With over 600,000 followers on Instagram & growing daily, the ladies of The Cut Life are sure making their mark with the help of a band of originals behind them… myself included.

I had the great opportunity to celebrate with these gorgeous ladies, in honor of their 2-year Anniversary. Sponsored by Beautiful Textures & held in celebrity hairstylist’s Jazz Ashley Salon, I was excited to enjoy a couple of live demonstrations from start to finish.

While the lady of the hour was busy ‘cuttin’ up’, I decided to admire a bit of the different types of beauty of surrounding me. I unfortunately didn’t get a picture with the founders, Tahira & Garmai, but just know they were as gorgeous as ever & working their way around the crowd. Thank you ladies for a great evening!

Jazz Ashley Salon

Jasmine Ashley – Salon Owner

[Photo Courtesy of : TheCutLife]




products 2



Nyvia Cut Life

Be sure to follow these ladies & stay inspired by the vast in-pour of stunning women taking risky moves.



Tahira Joy Wright – @TahiraJoy

Garmai K. Momolu – @GarmaiK

Salon Owner:

Jasmine Ashley – @JazzAshley

Address: 5367 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, California 90212

(323) 879-9019


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