The Black Hole

It’s empty & dark.
Hollow & cold.
I can hear the echoes of your silence, deafening my soul.
Faded memories swooning their way back into my desolate mind
No glimpse of shine
No gold, no greener grass
Just FEAR.
What am I scared of you ask?
The one thing that can free me from this burden I carry.
Yet, how do I do that when in fact LOVE is what put me here.
The love I longed for as I grew from the concrete.
Or maybe it’s the LOVE I took for granted because I never felt that complete.
No wait…
There’s more, LOVE galore.
Last but not least, as my hand rests upon my heart.
She came. She conquered. She made KARMA an art.
& then beyond that she stuck & she stirred.
Lines blurred. Plans cured. I still gave her my word.
But then that’s when I said enough is enough.
It was a rough road & thank goodness I’m tough!
You know that love I thought could never be found?
I found it!
Somewhere within my being,
way in there..
Deep down.


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