New Music Monday: Drake for the Win *Updated*


Welcome to a new week folks!

Hopefully you’re ready for some new music, especially from none other than the man Drake, himself. I’m sure you’ve heard of the controversy brewing between him and Meek Mill. Apparently Meek indulged in a little Twitter rant, including calling out Drake for using a ghost writer. To further messy-fy (totally not a word) the situation, Meek went on to name drop the so-called ghost writer for Drake.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell you much more about this ongoing situation & to simply put it in Tyga’s words “I’m not here for the tea.” Guess you’ll have to check out the gossip blogs for that. šŸ˜‰

What I can provide for you is Drake’s official ‘diss’ track to Meek called ‘Charged Up’, which was released over the weekend along with a few other new songs on his new ‘OVO Sound Radio’. Mr. OVO takes a couple shot’s at Meek & Nicki as well as addressing the rest of the messiness in the rap game.

*UPDATE: Looks like Drake felt the need to “body” Meek Mill with a follow-up diss freestyle called “Back To Back”. OUCH!

This next track might be my new jam to play on repeat. Hotline Bling (Cha Cha Remix) is the perfect chill song. Of course Drake is talking aboutĀ another ex that may have blossomed after him, but i’m here for it. I’m loving the whole feelĀ of this track. Grab a drink and two-step your way around the house.

Let me know what you think of these new songs?

Until next time…



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