A Little Something for the Soul

Tell me. Talk to me. Reveal yourself.
Bare your soul, so I can know your intentions.
Shower me with the love I’ve been craving.
Let me know there’s no question of my love, your love… Our love.
Im scared to reveal my soul to you… …Once more.
Now it’s your turn to enlighten me.
If I’m not the fire that keeps you warm I beg of you to put me out.
Douse my flames with water as if my wildfire was burning rampant.
Huff & puff…. Blow my hearts foundation down like the big bad wolf.
Free me of this unwavering love.
If you’re not for me, step aside & allow the love that is.
Let me long for this love in the right direction. Or direct me.
You see, I tend to think I’m crazy because I replay these scenarios in my head that I know may never pan out. Or they in fact have, but not in the way I imagined.

Dream world. Dream girls. Dream on.


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