The Velvet Army

I’m back with new thrifted finds as well as new hair! I can never look one way to long. 
This time I bring you the most comfortable & lightweight velvet pants ever! Thrifted over a year ago in Paso Robles, I cam across the most a sweet pair of black high-waisted velvet pants. They’re pretty straight leg, so I don’t get much of a shape out of them, but with all the hard work in the gym i’ve been putting in lately, my baby butt still gives me just enough. (Don’t Judge lol)
Along with these pants, my shirt & jacket are thrifted as well. Actually, I bought my jacket from a sweet buyer on the Vintage app. Cehck it out if you haven’t already, especially if you’re good at finding treasure in other people’s ‘trash’. 
The biggest name-brand you’ll see in this outfit would be my boots… Forever 21. Hahaha, You can’t go wrong with $25 boots.

Check out the Vinted app if you haven’t already, you’ll so many great finds! Also, stay on the look out for a chance to be able to shop my very own thrifted gems. Soon you’ll be able to buy some of the great vintage finds that I pick up randomly while on my adventures. Save yourself the trouble of sifting through racks & racks of clothing in order to find that one unique item that steps up your wardrobe.
Until next outfit!

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