The Black Hole

It’s empty & dark.
Hollow & cold.
I can hear the echoes of your silence, deafening my soul.
Faded memories swooning their way back into my desolate mind
No glimpse of shine
No gold, no greener grass
Just FEAR.
What am I scared of you ask?
The one thing that can free me from this burden I carry.
Yet, how do I do that when in fact LOVE is what put me here.
The love I longed for as I grew from the concrete.
Or maybe it’s the LOVE I took for granted because I never felt that complete.
No wait…
There’s more, LOVE galore.
Last but not least, as my hand rests upon my heart.
She came. She conquered. She made KARMA an art.
& then beyond that she stuck & she stirred.
Lines blurred. Plans cured. I still gave her my word.
But then that’s when I said enough is enough.
It was a rough road & thank goodness I’m tough!
You know that love I thought could never be found?
I found it!
Somewhere within my being,
way in there..
Deep down.



In your eyes I see life

One that I want for myself

Your internal light shines bright

While my soul screams for help

I wish to share a life of pure love and happiness

Yet I give off confusion and crabbiness

I pray for the day this rutt will be over

Or at least the pace of pain could move a bit slower

My smile will soon be pasted across my face

Even wider on the day my face is covered with lace

I pray that the time I stretch out my hand

For an intimate ceremony in a far away land

My mind will be right

And my heart would be still

Because you still stop it

An involuntary kill

I may not see clear

But I know this is right

I’m trying to fight my fear

And live for tonight

There are things in the world that are out of my hands

But we can achieve our objectives/goals/or plans

It’s gonna be you and I till the end

I just need to figure out how to begin

To start with a new and improved me

To show off the person I should be

No more sad, somber, and excusable me

It’s time for real business

It’s time to be the best I can be

The Cut Life 2 Year Anniversary Mixer


Rock short hair or know women that do?? If so, you have to tell me you’ve heard about The Cut Life!?

Well, if in fact you haven’t heard of them… I’M HERE TO PUT YOU ON!

“Founded by Tahira Joy Wright and Garmai K. Momolu, The Cut Life brings awareness to short hair by engaging supporters through our online platform.

The Cut Life is a beauty and lifestyle brand created to celebrate the uniqueness, boldness, and fearlessness of women with short hair.  We highlight these daring risk takers who express their individuality by rocking pixies, bobs, shaved sides, bald, relaxed, colored, and natural hairstyles.”

With over 600,000 followers on Instagram & growing daily, the ladies of The Cut Life are sure making their mark with the help of a band of originals behind them… myself included.

I had the great opportunity to celebrate with these gorgeous ladies, in honor of their 2-year Anniversary. Sponsored by Beautiful Textures & held in celebrity hairstylist’s Jazz Ashley Salon, I was excited to enjoy a couple of live demonstrations from start to finish.

While the lady of the hour was busy ‘cuttin’ up’, I decided to admire a bit of the different types of beauty of surrounding me. I unfortunately didn’t get a picture with the founders, Tahira & Garmai, but just know they were as gorgeous as ever & working their way around the crowd. Thank you ladies for a great evening!

Jazz Ashley Salon

Jasmine Ashley – Salon Owner

[Photo Courtesy of : TheCutLife]




products 2



Nyvia Cut Life

Be sure to follow these ladies & stay inspired by the vast in-pour of stunning women taking risky moves.



Tahira Joy Wright – @TahiraJoy

Garmai K. Momolu – @GarmaiK

Salon Owner:

Jasmine Ashley – @JazzAshley

Address: 5367 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, California 90212

(323) 879-9019

Sunday-Funday: Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Garden


In a world full of technological overload & constant movement, sometimes we forget the joy in simplicity. Learning to take a few quiet, timeless moments to ourselves is vital. With so much going on all the time, it’s best to try and cultivate a sense of self-awareness. This way, you won’t be in mental turmoil, constantly piling life’s daily leftovers on top of one another.

That’s exactly what I did when I came to the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Garden. I’ve wanted to visit it for months, I just never made a strong enough effort to go. Fortunately, after a relaxing morning at the spa, I realized to my surprise, the garden wasn’t to far from where I was. It was that moment I knew I had to go.

When I arrived I inadvertently found parking on a little street adjacent to the building. It was a beautiful Father’s Day, bright & sunny but not scorching hot. When you walk up the the house you have to press the button to be buzzed in.

***Effective May 2015 – Eventbrite Tickets required to enter  grounds*** (Admission is Free)

Since I was a first time visitor, I decided to join along the tour the was being given of the “Guasti Villa.


History of the “Guasti Villa”

PAL&G is housed in a gracious Italian Renaissance mansion, called, in its day, the Guasti Villa. It was built between 1910-1914 by Secundo Guasti, who owned the world’s largest winery at the time. In 1937, Busby Berkeley, famous Hollywood director and choreographer, bought the Guasti Villa and resided there adding an additional touch of glamour to the property’s history.

                                                                                                               (Read more…)


Once finished with my tour, I decided to do a bit a roaming. I first read my book in a little nook offside the labyrinth (I was waiting for people to finish walking the labyrinth. It’s said that the popularity of this place has soared recently which is cause for the eventbrite ticketing.) Once the coast was clear, I made my way to the labyrinth, bought up every though, worry, & confusion to the surface, then pressed along. They say the labyrinth is meditative. You’re supposed to allow whatever you need answers to or whatever you’re unsure of to be revealed to you as you maneuver your way through the twists and turns of scared geometry.
My tour guide mentioned that the difference between a maze & a labyrinth is the fact that a labyrinth doesn’t have a dead end, It always comes back full circle. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these pictures enough to maybe reserve a tour & visit. It’s a definitely a must-see for my peace seekers in the LA area. It’s one of those places you probably drive by a million times a day & don’t even realize its there.
2015-06-21 13.54.23
2015-06-21 13.55.52 HDR
2015-06-21 13.54.39 HDR
2015-06-21 13.55.11
You really have to get there to experience the true beauty of this place. The setting it beyond serene & the people you encounter are amazing!
Until next adventure!

Le Bon Mélange: The Afro-Centric Diamond


” A rare diamond from the beautiful country of Cameroon.”


My first feature for the “Bon Mélange” series will take you into the world of this Afro-Centric beauty with brains. See what it’s like to embrace your roots, all while staying on your personal path towards greatness.


Name: Vanessa Acha

Hometown: Limbe, Cameroon

Current Location: Silver Spring, Maryland


Tell me a little about yourself?

I come from a country in West Africa also known as “Africa in miniature” due to the cultural diversity. Cameroon alone, out of the 54 african nations has approx. 250 ethnic groups and each of these groups have their own dialect.

I now reside in Silver Spring, Maryland & am a student at Mount Saint Mary’s University, double majoring in Biology & Nursing.

How old were you when you came to the U.S.?

I came to the United States at age 10, which makes it 9 years of me being here.

I commend you on your degree choices! What made you choose these fields?

Thank you, what made me pick this choice in degree is my love for humanity. I believe greatly in giving back, I believe in the concept of UBUNTU which means “I am because we are.” It is in a South African dialect called Xhosa. I want to be a pediatrician so that I can help those who suffer back home. Which again following the Ubuntu principle “I will be so my people will not lack.” My biggest dream is to build a high-tech hospital in Cameroon because we lack those.

I love you also mentioned “I grew to embrace my culture, because it is what I identify by.” Too many people today are hung on being what they’re not. So, I once again commend you for embracing where you come from & actually making it apart of who you are. When it comes to being apart of such a rich culture, what makes you want to identify with your roots instead of the influences surrounding you?
Well as to what makes me want to identify with my roots instead of my surrounding is because Africa is my foundation, it is what I am made of and therefore I will claim it until the death of me. In this world I often tell myself we are all wonderfully made and there’s that one thing that sets us aside from one another. My culture is one of the things that I hold dearly to my heart and I will forever cherish it. I come from a family who values culture as a whole. This is one of the things which led me to find myself having a passion not only for fashion but I gave myself a look that defined my being. I call it “My Afro-centric being.” Growing up as an African, I grew to embrace my culture because it is what I identify by. If it wasn’t for Mama Africa I wouldn’t be here today. I love being African, I love being me!
As you mentioned, your style is so beautifully Afro-Centric & eye catching, what are some of your staple pieces?
My style, like you said “Beautifully Afro-centric” is exactly what it is. I aim to inspire ladies to know that we don’t have to expose our assets in order to get compliments or be noticed. Although my style is very conservative, many love its simplicity. I dress up always because I believe it helps create a positive environment for yourself and others throughout the day. Some of my staple pieces would be my crown, high-waisted trousers, blouses and leather shoes. I too am a big fan of hair, like an African proverb says “a woman’s beauty lies in her hair.” I love big hair and also natural protective styles. I also love the “Loc’ed up look” which is why I always have my hair twisted or braided.
What would you say keeps you centered? If you had to list 5 things or less that keeps your life in balance, what would they include? 
There are several things that keep me centered. One of them would be my desire to help others. Everything I do, I think of how it will impact the world around me. Not only with blogging but also just my attitude on a regular day. Another thing would be my “Golden book” the name speaks for itself. It is this gold notepad that I have in which I jot down every thought and new project that I’d like to work on daily. It helps me keep track of what I have done and what I need to do. Lastly, people’s responses as well. When I see that I helped someone in one way or the other I feel motivated to do so much more. These are just a few thing that keep me centered.
There you have it folks! Great words from a wise woman. I hope you enjoyed my first feature for this great series.
If you know anyone “Striving to achieve greatness”, please send them my way. Everyone has a story & everyone has a personal legend, it’s all a matter of if you believe in it wholeheartedly & stay on your path. Until next time!! ❤