New Music Monday: 10/17

Bringing you the perfect Fall vibes with this weeks playlist. Whether you’re on the couch coupled up or rollin out with your friends,you can expect to vibe out. As always, the best way to enjoy this versatile list is on SHUFFLE. No more waiting, hit play!

New Music Monday 8/29

Back at it with a booming playlist to help get you through the week! Once again, bringing you some of the latest and hottest tracks from a few of your favorite artists. Not to mention, all of the newbies that made their way into the mix. This weeks mashup includes “War Ready” from Vince Staples and his new album “Prima Donna”, a sick EDM/Trap mix-up of Rihanna’s “You Needed Me” by ELJAY, as well as my summer anthem “OOOUUU” by Young M.A
Whatever your pleasure is, there’s a high chance you’ll find at least one new favorite out of the mix. If infact you don’t come across something that excites you, let me know! Feel free to send me suggestions of artists and music from any genre of music. The purpose of doing “NMM” is to be able to continuously provide a platform for those coming up and or new music coming out. I don’t only aim to give you ear candy, I aim to open up your mind to sounds you may otherwise dismiss. My playlist helps you step outside the box, even if only for a second.
Hit shuffle, press play, VIBE OUT!

New Music Monday 8/18: Word of Mouth


Back at it with your “New Music Monday” fix! After giving you over two hours of heavy hitting, bass thumping, summer vibes with the Hello August playlist, I wanted to mellow you out with something you can groove to. This weeks playlist is mostly curated of songs suggested by “word of mouth”.
The older I get, the more I realize that I’m no good with small talk and conversation fillers. There is one universal subject that I use to help break any type of ice, and that gem is MUSIC. I may fumble over my words asking “What do you like to do for fun?”, or even draw a blank when you tell me you go to college & I forget to ask “What are you studying?” With music, I pull up the “notes” in my phone, hand it you, and ask for you to “put me on”.
I won’t go so far as to say that music makes the person, but I can say it’s a great way to get a glimpse into the different worlds we let ourselves get lost in. As for me, the excitement of discovering new artists and melodic mix-ups, far surpasses the discomfort of breaking the ice. So, if you’re ever at a lost for a conversation piece, start asking about music & be open to what you receive.
Thank you to everyone who contributed their amazing suggestions!
Until next time.