Thrifted & Gifted

Who would’ve know an outfit with 3 items or less would be so fun to sport. Let’s not forget to mention that 50% of the outfit was thrifted and the other half gifted.
I came across these TUK black & leopard creepers at a local Crossroads Trading Co. for a sweet $30, alongside a cute little $5 black dress. On the other hand, I was gifted this awesome customized military jacket in return for helping a friend move, along with the socks. 
Not a bad deal if you ask me. Check out the vintage feels below!

Little Mermaid

Here we have another thrifted look. I came up on this cute little cut-out floral dress. The details are what sold me. From the sexy yet not too revealing cut-outs, to the gold-linked halter neck tie, it just worked for me. There was a little defect on the neck tie in the back, but nothing I couldn’t doctor up.
I threw on a few accessories & finished the look off with a ‘new to me’ pair of Air Max 90’s that I picked up in the men’s section at Crossroads Trading Co. in Old Town Pasadena.
I didn’t get a good picture of them with this outfit, but I’ve posted a picture below to give you a better look.

Let me know what you thought about this quick look. Do you love thrifting as much as I do? If so, show me some of your favorite thrifted pieces!