Feature Friday: Atlanta Powerhouse Talks Love And Career Balance


Renewed love at the Biltmore

Article and Interview by Nyvia Weathersby

As women, we pride ourselves in being the queen of Balance. We do a little shopping, a little business, a little love making, a little cooking, and a little us time. What is becoming a sore popularity is how many business women find themselves wanting to pursue balance yet not having fulfilled roles to do so. What do I mean?
In 2012 over 80,000 professional women were quoted as “single”. Let me just note, there is nothing wrong with being single, as long as you want to be.
However, stepping out of single-hood& into a relationship can be an adjustment for any superwoman. We turned to Business and Entertainment professional, Glenda Williams for advice on how to maintain a healthy business and family life. Being married for over 30 years and one of the biggest Philanthropist and Producers in Georgia, we took ear to Mrs. Williams’s advice.

Having a strong, educated background and career, did you ever think that black love wasn’t for you?

GW: The challenge of being in a relationship was realizing that it was an actual partnership. I went into the relationship feeling independent where I didn’t “need” anyone. I married my husband Michael because I couldn’t be without him, not because I was co-dependent. Learning to depend on my partner was a challenge. I had to learn to submit and be vulnerable and trust him to lead me.

How did you find time for love, family and going after your goals?

GW: Dividing time between every family member is a hard task. It’s needed to remain happy in family life. If one area is lacking, everything is off balance. And balance varies day-to-day. I learned to prioritize my scheduling and also make sure I’m giving myself the time and energy I need. Most importantly, you must be OK with change. At any given time, life can alter. Curve balls come and go but I learned not to let those moments control my emotions or my end goal.

With a vow renewal ceremony just right around the corner, Glenda Williams has mastered the art of family, business, and relationships.  Give her 200 all-star guests, an all-white ceremony and the man she loves to meet her down the aisle at the well-renowned Biltmore hotel and Ms.Glenda is all set.

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Feature Friday: Get To Know MicahTron

In honor of this weekends annual “San Francisco Pride” celebration, it was only right that I introduce you to SF-native & multifaceted artist ‘Micahtron”. While she creates club friendly, bass thumping tracks that make you want to dance, she’s balances it out with her social/politically conscious lyricism. 
From playing at small clubs, rocking out on main stages at Pride, and taking Europe by storm; it’s safe to say Micahtron is definitely making a name for herself. Simultaneously dropping her first EP “Haven” along with a mixtape “Mood” earlier this year, Micah has been riding the residual waves of her recent splash. From hosting her own parties, performing at huge events like Austin’s “SXSW” and the upcoming “SF Pride” celebration, you can bet your money that this hard-working bad ass has no plans on slowing down anytime soon.
Keep reading for more about this talented, independent & International Queer artist.

You’re pretty much a “one-stop-shop”.-Produce, Engineer, Write etc…

What caught your attention first? What made you expand?Can you describe what type of music you make for those that are new to you?

  • I would say it was all organic, and in a way I was unconsciously learning all of those things at once. I fell in love with music at a young age, and by the time I turned 13 in 2000. I was recording my own mixes on cassette tapes. My mother bought me a karaoke machine, and I would download beats from online onto CDs. Then I’d put the CD into the Karaoke machine and freestyle over the beats and record it all onto cassette. As time and technology grew, I grew musically. Learning all three elements of music but focusing solely on writing and recording. I didn’t know many people with studio access so I had to learn to be my own producer and engineer. I would describe my music as a Hip-Hop Hybrid, I grew up listening to so many different genres and I think that shows in my music, but it is no doubt Hip-Hop rooted! 

The past few years, you’ve been putting in major work.
-European Tour: Berlin, Australia, etc  

How did you end up in Europe?

  • In 2014, I was booked to perform at a women’s festival in Italy that got cancelled on short notice, but i decided to take the trip anyway. The day I flew out I got an offer to open for The Internet in Berlin which was the city I was flying into, to then travel to Italy. From that 9 day trip I met some great artists and people who immediately encouraged me to come back to visit. So months later I found myself quitting my day job to follow up on some show opportunities back in Berlin. What was supposed to be a months trip turned into 6 months, allowing me to play a number of shows in Germany and surrounding countries before I was set to play in Australia on NYE 2015. Quitting my job at that time was the best decision for me and it allowed me to open up so many doors! I will be heading back to play some shows in Berlin this April and Australia again later this year! 

Decision to go independent.
-Importance of protecting the integrity of your craft

  • While under contract with my management I’m still a independent artist. I’ve never been signed to a label, and have never had that sort of backing. So releasing my music by myself with no help is first nature for me. I had been waiting for help and opportunities that Never came so I decided fuck it I need to put this music out! Which allows me to move forward and create more new music. 

You’ve been featured in many publications such as East Bay Express, SF Gate & more. You display such a sex positive, confident queer, politically sound ‘Jill of all-trades’.

Could you elaborate of the importance of breaking free of the ‘norms’ and what a “Lesbian/Rapper” etc should look like.

  • I’m one for encouraging others to live their lives without regards for anyones opinions and feelings. You only have one life, why spend that time hiding who you really are and who or what you love. If you are a homosexual Musician, say that and share you experiences! No mater who rejects your identity or sound, there is always a crowd that will love you and relate to your lyrics. No matter what the content, people will relate. And being open and honest about who you are is always best. I don’t think it should look like anything other than what is within. If you not true to you than your music won’t be either. As artists we have the platform to stand up and speak for those who are afraid to, and that’s what we all should be doing. 

What does it mean to be YOU. Why is it important to use your voice and have it heard.

  • Having that open identity means everything to me, it’s allowed me to life without caring what people think of me, and it has allowed me to channel that into music. 

I know were both big on thrifting and flea markets; they truly help me uphold my own unique style.

How would you describe your style and do you have any influences or people of whom style you also like.(Importance of originality?)

I would say my style is a mix between the old and the new. I’ve been a vintage head for over 10 years now, and have collected so many pieces that remind me of my childhood! I’m heavy on vintage sports wear, jerseys of all sports. Some of my favorite ball players actually influenced my style along with a lot of my favorite artists growing up. People like TLC, Queen Latifah, Spike Lee, Michael Jordan, Dione Saunders. Their style in the 90s is probably what my style looks like today. Lol. But what strikes me most about vintage clothing is originality, some items I have were only released once and never made again! But also I love knowing that the chances of someone wearing the same thing as me is slim to none. Its priceless.

It’s so easy to get over stimulated by all of the outside influences and lose sight of your authentic desire. I always ask thriving creatives, “what are 2 or 3 methods/things that keep you motivated and in alignment with your big picture?

  • Past, present and future. I always look at things in terms of what my life has already been. I was born into a struggling and sometimes homeless family. I made a way for myself simply by teaching myself more about the world and setting goals to get out and see that world, that is my present. And what I visualize as my future, is almost a fantasy. But if I continue to set goals, stay motivated, accept failure, and always thrive for better. I could be there, and I will get there. Because all fantasies are but a mere projection of the life you have worked so hard for, and the life you feel you deserve. Right? 

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