Thrifted & Gifted

Who would’ve know an outfit with 3 items or less would be so fun to sport. Let’s not forget to mention that 50% of the outfit was thrifted and the other half gifted.
I came across these TUK black & leopard creepers at a local Crossroads Trading Co. for a sweet $30, alongside a cute little $5 black dress. On the other hand, I was gifted this awesome customized military jacket in return for helping a friend move, along with the socks. 
Not a bad deal if you ask me. Check out the vintage feels below!

Interview with Actor, Supermodel, Host, and Rapper, Sam Sarpong


(Eglamour- Photo credit, Eglamour Photograpgy for The Movement Fashion Show)

I was recently given the wonderful opportunity of interviewing the amazing Actor, Supermodel, Host,
and Rapper, Sam Sarpong. For those that are unfamiliar, Sam was the co-host for MTV’s ‘Yo Mamma’, and can be found all over the BET Network. Whether he’s presenting awards, or hosting shows, Sam sure knows how to make himself known. Not only can you find him on screen, you can catch him somewhere fashionably representing some of the hottest designers out including none other than Louis Vuitton, UK’s Boy London, and now representing KD LUXE Jewelry.

Check out the interview to see what’s going on with Sam!

Q1: What can we expect with “Lose My Mind”? Any features on the album you’re excited about?
A: What you can expect from “Lose My Mind” is dance, electro, pop, top 40, fun music. Features on my album are Kristinia Debarge, Keith Robinson, Keyvous, Drew Sidora and Vanessa Alex. I have some amazing talent on this album. I’m very excited about it.
Q2: What type of music are you into today? Any favorite artist?
A:  I like RnB, rap and also some rock. I’m listening to Miguel, Rihanna, and some Kanye to name a few.
Q3: What does fashion mean to you? What makes you, YOU?
A: Fashion to me is being original and being one step ahead of the trend. Knowing who you are and what looks best on you.

Q4: After working with so many great designers and now being one yourself, how does it feel to be recognized as a ‘Fashion Icon’ at the upcoming 5th Annual BEFFTA UK Awards?
A:  It feels amazing to be recognized as a fashion icon. I have put alot lot of time in this industry and it’s finally paying off.

Q5: Tell me about your ‘Chosen One’ line & what it represents.
A: My “Chosen One” line represents cool style with a little edge and again comes from really knowing who you are.
Q6: Seeing as though you travel alot, what would you say is your favorite place(s) to rest your head?
A:  My favorite places in the world are Paris, London, Toronto Canada and Asia. Those are definitely my favorite places.
Q7: Being a ‘Jack of all Trades’ has to be exciting yet exhausting. Do you place any special emphasis on any of your skills, or are you just looking to take over as much of the world as possible.
A:  Yes I am a Jack of all trades. It all helps each other in one way or another. I have been branding myself since I was a kid. You look at any successful entertainer such as JLo, Ditty, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Beyonce and Queen Latifah, they are all brands that do it all.

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(Drew Sidora, Sam Sarpong, ‘Lil Mama’ – Jovi Bantolo Photography – Photo Credit)

Wanna see more of Sam? Check out his personal Tumblr & Twitter.