Valentine’s Day 2021 – Seven Days of Savage Self-Love

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…But I hate Valentine’s Day.

-Every Anti-Valentine Hater Ever

Alright, so lets be honest, I have definitely been an Anti-Valentine’s day hater before this year. I gave the typical “you should show love everyday” response blah blah blah. Rolling my eyes so hard at the overload of teddy bears, roses and mushy love posts, that I thought they’d get stuck that way. (I know my mama wasn’t the only person who told me that would happen when I was younger) Whether you’re single or with someone, Valentine’s Day is usually one of those holidays a few people would rather avoid. Whether it’s the trumped up idea of consumerism and a ploy to get you to go buy shit you don’t need, or the subconscious pressure to show MORE love than you normally do, I can understand the push-back.

In the same breath, I found this years Valentine’s celebration to be a pivotal one. Seriously, since the pandemic happened, we can all agree on “What IS a holiday?” It’s true that our celebrations have changed drastically, yet that shouldn’t stop us from cultivating our closest relationships with others and ourselves. If anything, I made sure to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, because 1) we all deserve a little more love right now, and 2) I wanted to create a little self-love challenge, not only for myself, but for those who felt it’s time to stop hiding & start celebrating themselves wholeheartedly.

To know me is to know that I advocate for self-love/self-care. You truly only get one meat suit in this lifetime, and how you go about loving on it is entirely up to you.

Unfortunately, it took me far too long to unlearn and heal from societal body-shaming & childhood experiences.

In 2018, Rihanna launched Savage X Fenty & not only changed the game as we know it but also lit a fire within me I almost forgot existed. Ever since my first VIP purchase, I’ve been hooked, to say the least.

For a girl who’s been single for almost a decade, you better believe I treat myself like the best girlfriend ever. (because I am.. duh! lol) This Valentine’s Day will be no different, except I wanted to make you all my Valentines’ & share some of my favorite sets as we move through a week full of prompts and affirmations for unconditional self-love.

Plaid & Leather

Well hello there, remember me? I know, I know, what is consistency right? I’m working on, things have been a bit crazy, and well… let’s just say my mojo is low. I’ve been lacking the motivation to not only blog, but to REALLY get dressed. Jeans and a black tank have been my go-to. I forgot how much of an attitude adjustment can be made when you decide to just get dressed, even if it’s to go to the local grocery store. That’s exactly what happened with this outfit. (minus the store lol)
Do you ever have those items that you’ve harbored forever but never really figure out how to wear? Yeah, that’s exactly what this leather is for me. I found it about 3 years ago at a thrift store for $9, if I remember correctly. Now, why I chose to wear it on a 98 degree weather kind of day, let’s just say i’m a true fire sign. (Aries) Although the day ended up scorching (and I ended up changing into a jean mini), I needed my cute little plaid jacket while out & about earlier that morning. I snagged this cutie from leftovers of a clothing swap hosted by a friend of mine. 

You know me, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Thrifted & Gifted

Who would’ve know an outfit with 3 items or less would be so fun to sport. Let’s not forget to mention that 50% of the outfit was thrifted and the other half gifted.
I came across these TUK black & leopard creepers at a local Crossroads Trading Co. for a sweet $30, alongside a cute little $5 black dress. On the other hand, I was gifted this awesome customized military jacket in return for helping a friend move, along with the socks. 
Not a bad deal if you ask me. Check out the vintage feels below!