New Music Monday: Hello August!

Here we are in the thick of summer, time sure does fly by! It’s been about a couple of months since I’ve brought you a new playlist to help you get through the week. Fortunately, I’ve been building an extensive playlist of new & hot songs, as if your summer wasn’t warm enough. From Kehlani letting you know she may be a little “CRZY” to emerging artists Leaf ft. Lil Yachty hitting you with “Nada”, you can expect to feel all types of vibes. The best part about this playlist is the amount of new names & sounds. I don’t just aim to bring you new music from artist you know/like, I hope to open other doors for you to explore as well. So dive in, hit shuffle, & vibe out!

New Music Monday 2/29: Going Up On A Tuesday

Alright, alright, I know what you’re thinking… “How are you just gonna hit me with “New Music Monday” on a Tuesday?” Simple… just like that.
 I figured, i’m better late than never right? Hopefully, I can make up for it by giving you not only a playlist of hot singles, but a full album from a man with an awesome sound. 
This week brings you a slew of variety. Whether you’re tryna “Whip It” with Bia aka Perico Princess,  visit Cloud 9 with Euroz & his smooth single “Cannabis”, or get inside the vibes with 9192, as they bring you their new single “Autumn”, your music palate should be satiated.
Grab your earphones & get to vibing, because it’s going up on a Tuesday!

New Music Monday: Tory Lanez

It’s Monday, so you know I have some new tunes to set your week off right.
Usually i’ll hit you with two songs, but today I brought you one badass Canadian (No, not Drake) with ton’s of great music.
I’ve been vibing to this man for a while now. Must be something about Canada that produces swooning rappers like Drake & Tory. Don’t get me wrong, these two are in their own lane. Drake’s music as we know is more melodramatic compared to the ominous sounds of Tory Lanez.
Here you can watch the video for his latest single called “Say It”, cleverly sampled from the Brownstone’s 1994 hit, “If You Love Me.”