New Music Monday 8/28: Farewell Summer


Wow, can you believe Summer is already coming to an end?! I must say, I spent the whole summer getting things in order and my mind together, so Fall is going to be LIT. Any who, i’m bringing you all of the end of Summer vibes in this playlist. From saying farewell to all of the friends you never got to hang with, to setting the mood for “cuffing season”, there’s something for everyone.

You know what to do, hit shuffle, press play & vibe your way into a new season!

New Music Monday 6/19 – Bring on the Heat


I’m baaaaackkk!! Due to a heavy work/school load, a hiatus was very much in order. Although I’ve been out of sight for a few months, I haven’t been completely out of the loop. These past few months have produced so many songs I love to keep on repeat. From It’s definitely been a great build up to what’s in store for summer.

I found the perfect time to pop back up. I mean, it’s only right that an Aries would bring you fire tracks to kick of a blazing summer. (see what I did there lol)

You know what to do.. hit shuffle, press play, vibe out.


New Music Monday 3/21: Hello Spring!


Ready for some New Music!!

This week’s playlists features upcoming West Coast artists Candice Pillay with her own version of Yo Gotti’s “Down In The DM”, as well as E.Cov, with his latest track “Hall Of Fame”. Not to mention a taste from the south with Two-9, or heat from the East Coast to keep you warm, while you “Make It There” with Shake070.
Along with the mentioned songs, i’ve thrown in a few bangers from artist you probably already know.
Let me know what’s your favorite song on the playlist!
Until next time,

If you didn’t get a chance to check out Pt. 1 of my Spring Break & want to see Miami through my eyes, Welcome to Miami!!