Valentine’s Day 2021 – Seven Days of Savage Self-Love

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…But I hate Valentine’s Day.

-Every Anti-Valentine Hater Ever

Alright, so lets be honest, I have definitely been an Anti-Valentine’s day hater before this year. I gave the typical “you should show love everyday” response blah blah blah. Rolling my eyes so hard at the overload of teddy bears, roses and mushy love posts, that I thought they’d get stuck that way. (I know my mama wasn’t the only person who told me that would happen when I was younger) Whether you’re single or with someone, Valentine’s Day is usually one of those holidays a few people would rather avoid. Whether it’s the trumped up idea of consumerism and a ploy to get you to go buy shit you don’t need, or the subconscious pressure to show MORE love than you normally do, I can understand the push-back.

In the same breath, I found this years Valentine’s celebration to be a pivotal one. Seriously, since the pandemic happened, we can all agree on “What IS a holiday?” It’s true that our celebrations have changed drastically, yet that shouldn’t stop us from cultivating our closest relationships with others and ourselves. If anything, I made sure to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, because 1) we all deserve a little more love right now, and 2) I wanted to create a little self-love challenge, not only for myself, but for those who felt it’s time to stop hiding & start celebrating themselves wholeheartedly.

To know me is to know that I advocate for self-love/self-care. You truly only get one meat suit in this lifetime, and how you go about loving on it is entirely up to you.

Unfortunately, it took me far too long to unlearn and heal from societal body-shaming & childhood experiences.

In 2018, Rihanna launched Savage X Fenty & not only changed the game as we know it but also lit a fire within me I almost forgot existed. Ever since my first VIP purchase, I’ve been hooked, to say the least.

For a girl who’s been single for almost a decade, you better believe I treat myself like the best girlfriend ever. (because I am.. duh! lol) This Valentine’s Day will be no different, except I wanted to make you all my Valentines’ & share some of my favorite sets as we move through a week full of prompts and affirmations for unconditional self-love.

Sleepless in Seattle Pt. 2


I decided to take a stroll around Capitol Hill & see where the wind took me. Along my walk, I saw a whole bunch of cute little cafe’s, along with the mainstream stores like Urban Outfitters & even a Goodwill.

IMG_1884518 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102 (206) 323-7846

Nothing caught my attention faster than this amazing little gem called The Vajra. So much amazing energy is packed into this cute little space along Broadway. Looks like The Vajra has been holding it down since 1989, specializing in a large selection of amazing incense, candles, and a slew of beautiful crystals. Not only can you buy something to raise your vibrations, you can set aside an hour of your time to get an in-depth Tarot Card reading.

Afterwards, I decided to look for a certain coffee shop that my supervisor suggested I visit. He suggested that I try the ‘White Velvet Expresso’. Boy, am I glad I did! Not only did I find the perfect little spot near the window to sip my drink & charge up my phone, it was Valentine’s Day, so the place felt extra full of love!IMG_1892532 Broadway Ave East Seattle WA 98102IMG_1895

IMG_1893 IMG_1895IMG_1898White Velvet Expresso

Later on in the evening I attended the Cirque Du Soliel: Kurios show. Honestly, this was one of the most amazing shows ever! Even though, I’m sure i’ll say that about every show. Couldn’t have ended a great Valentines Day with myself any better.My last day in Seattle was a short day. I decided to use my Observatory groupon, but not before I walked around a farmers market & enjoyed a couple of mimosa’s at a local restaurant. Check it out!

As I was dozing off on the plane headed back to California, I suddenly woke up in a freight, looked to my left & was astonished by my view. I immediately rummaged through my backpack for my camera, just in time to capture one of the most beautiful sights in just 2 shots.

Mount RainierUntil my next adventure!