2011-2013 Pictures & Video Update. See my transformation!

 It’s been quite a long time since i’ve uploaded anything on youtube. I wanted to wait for the right time & right now couldn’t be more perfect. I didn’t want to do any talking in the video because I knew with all the pics and video clips… it be quite long enough.

Didn’t wanna lose your attention already! 😉
As you can see I went through a full body transformation and well as mental. I’ve lost tons of weight and gained/learned a lot of wisdom and life lessons over the past couple of years.
Song #1: Far East
Song #2: 808’s & Heartbreaks
Song #3: PGA (Pretty Girls Around)
FYI: I know I used to be a little round lol.. no need to remind me. I know there are tons of Captain Obvious’s out there. Just ENJOY the video and be prepared for more!.

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